Tips on Selecting a Baker

Paul of Cakes Our Specialty

Beauty, taste and slicing of the cake are the three things to look for when designing your wedding cake. Not only does it have to look good, it has to taste good, and it has to present itself well when cut and served on a cake plate or in a cake box.

It's the personalities of the Bride and Groom that will take precedent in the style and flavors of their wedding cake. The design they choose may be very traditional, flowing with elegance, fun and whimsical, decorated with fresh flowers or sugared fruit, to a medieval or magical castle theme.

When selecting a baker, it is important to see pictures of their work and to taste samples of their cake, fillings and icing. Never assume that when you bring a picture to them that they will be able to duplicate it or that a flavor you did not taste is what you're looking for. Also look for the experience the baker may have in wedding cakes. This will help you determine if they know how to properly support the cake tiers and in transporting of the cake to the reception hall.

Wedding cakes are sold by the serving or by slice of cake. Determining how many slices you will need depends on how many guest you are having and whether you are serving it for dessert or sending it home with your guest. It is important to know what size the slice is and to relay the message on to your caterer as to how many slices they will get out of each tier.

Reserving your wedding date with your baker is as important as booking your florist, photographer or band. You can always design your wedding cake at a future appointment. You would hate to miss out on the baker of your choice by them already being booked.

Cakes Our Specialty by Paula's goal is to make every client feel like they are the only Bride and Groom in the world – that they are confident in the style and flavor that they have chosen and that the excitement we both share over the designing of your wedding cake be long remembered in the years to come.

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